The Waffling, Ep. 5

To celebrate The Beginning finally hitting 100 reviews on Amazon, I done gone made another one of these things. Enjoy?

You can buy The Beginning (Book 1) and And It Was Good (Book 2) for $0.99 September 18-20.

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the short story A Great Gulf while you’re shopping. It’s set between books 1 & 2.

Also, It is Risen (Book 5) comes out next week (9/26). You can preorder your copy already, though.


The Waffling, Ep. 4


Just another complete mess. The waffles were bad, the jokes are bad, my hair looks stupid, and at one point I burp on camera. If you were expecting anything more, you need to rewatch the first three episodes and get with the program.


Also, stop putting it off. Just join The Collective already.


The Waffling, Ep. 3

Not every waffle can be a winner. Just like not every episode of The Waffling can be the high-quality entertainment you’ve come to expect from a gluten-intolerant jerk, alcohol, and iMovie.

I know, I’ve set the bar too high.

P.S. You’re already on my blog that I mentioned. Want to see what I wrote right after I finished both The Waffling and my fourth beer? Click here.


The Waffling, Ep. 1

Okay. Backstory.

I posted this on my Facebook:

Do you love breakfast foods and indecisiveness? Then you’re going to love my new podcast, Waffling.

IT WAS A JOKE, PEOPLE! But no. Noooooo. You all had to encourage me. So this is now a thing. You did this to yourself, but I apologize in advance anyway.