The Ten Best Humorous Fiction Books

So you read a funny book and it felt good. Maybe even the kind of good your mother and childhood religious figures warned you against. 

And now you want more.

Next thing you know, you’re googling, “books like Good Omens,” or “top funny books,” at work one Tuesday afternoon rather than compulsively scrolling your Twitter feed as per usual.

Humorous non-fiction, like comedian memoirs or essays, is easy enough to find, and while that’s all well and good in the right context, it’s not what you’re looking for.  Continue reading

A Great Gulf: September Update

Total profits from sales of A Great Gulf, Sept. 8 – 30: $160.93

In the twenty-three days between when I released the Jessica Christ short story A Great Gulf and today, two more hurricanes have devastated Americans, and two major earthquakes have shaken Mexico. Oh, plus monsoon season is out of control in South Asia and there are probably a few other natural disasters that have taken place, killing dozens of people, that I haven’t even heard about.

Sometimes helping can feel futile.

But, obviously, you help anyway. Continue reading


The Waffling, Ep. 5

To celebrate The Beginning finally hitting 100 reviews on Amazon, I done gone made another one of these things. Enjoy?

You can buy The Beginning (Book 1) and And It Was Good (Book 2) for $0.99 September 18-20.

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the short story A Great Gulf while you’re shopping. It’s set between books 1 & 2.

Also, It is Risen (Book 5) comes out next week (9/26). You can preorder your copy already, though.