Something Nice to Say

Feels a little like I haven’t had a moment to breathe lately, which is why I’ve gone so radio silent. Not literally, though. “Radio” seems to be the only place where I haven’t been silent. Or as Bryan and the rest of the world call it, “podcasting.” Apparently, it’s not radio. Apparently, words matter. Or wait, aren’t words just words? I can never remember.

Either way, I wanted to introduce you to episode one and so forth of my new comedy podcast, Something Nice to Say, where we take hated topics and try to say three nice things about them.

I host it along with Bryan Cohen who, thank god, just had a baby, because now I have a moment to pause, update the official website, and actually get ahead on editing the episodes. The most convenient place to listen to all these is iTunes, unless you don’t have iTunes, then either in the player below or on the official website are probably the best places to listen.

“Claire,” you say, “this post is really to-the-point and not at all witty!” That’s because I have a period headache, and if you want to learn more about that, might I suggest Episode 12 – Menstruation, where we talk about my cycle?

BONUS POINTS: Follow the page on Facebook to get access to Something Extra Nice, the funniest bits that we, unfortunately, had to cut for time.

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