A Great Gulf

I’m a total sucker for the #texanshelpingtexans stuff, y’all. Texas gets a bad rap because sometimes our politicians forget women are people or occasionally we have racists pop up at inopportune times with megaphones in hand.

But what I’ve been trying to show in my books is that Texans are a hell of a people. Texans have a strong “screw it, we’ll do it ourselves” attitude that’s been on display for the world in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and I couldn’t be prouder of my state.

But enough of the positivity, because shit has gone waaaay south in South Texas. Our job isn’t to feel vicariously good while watching others be good. Our job – not just Texans, but everyone – is to be among the helpers.

Reports are saying that the gulf coast is currently packed with volunteers, and that’s not what is needed. What’s needed is donations – food, diapers, clothing, and most of all, money that can be used for whatever immediate needs pop up.

If you’re not living under a rock with no wifi, you know money is currently pouring in from all over. That’s incredible.

But it’s not enough.

And it’ll run out once another disaster steals the nation’s attention. Probably next week.

Meanwhile, people in Houston and Port Aransas and Rockport will still be without a home and traumatized and mourning as the initial shock wears off.

I wanted to do something that could support these people over the long term, so I did this thing:

It’s a Jessica Christ story about Jess’s trip with her mother down to visit Grandma McCloud at her vacation rental in Port Aransas, Texas. And 100% of what Amazon pays me for this will go directly to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

Each month I’ll do a little research and figure out where the greatest need is, then I’ll donate to that. This month, it’ll probably be diapers, because my sister’s having another baby, and it just reminded me how many goddamn diapers a single child goes through, and literally the only thing more stressful than being a mother of a newborn living in a temporary shelter is being the mother of a newborn living in a temporary shelter who’s down to her last diaper.

The story is only about 40 pages, and I can’t guarantee it’s fantastic because I wrote it between 7:30pm and 4:30am this past Wednesday/Thursday. I’ve revised it, yes, but … well, I’m sure it’s fine. It’s a Jessica story. It has Destinee. It has God. It has smiting of pedophiles. You know, all those things you’ve come to enjoy about the series.

It officially releases 9/8/17, and you can order your copy here for $2.99.

You get a story, some out-of-luck Texan gets a couple fresh diapers. Or tacos. Or a new shirt. I have no idea how much money this will actually make, but I do know that it’ll help in some small way. And when you have millions of people helping in some small way, the world doesn’t have nearly as much bullshit as it would otherwise.

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